Tips for Taking Your SEO Reselling Business From Good to Great

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Search engine optimization is quickly becoming a cornerstone in every good marketing strategy. Over 90% of all purchases– whether made in-person or online– are researched and influenced by the internet. About 80% of all online experiences begin with a Google search. And as you know, as a consumer who uses Google to look for products, almost all of the time, only the links on the first page of search results get any attention.

An SEO reseller’s job is to help small, local businesses improve the ranking that Google gives their website by connecting them with search engine optimization services provided by an SEO firm. Since you don’t actually provide the SEO services yourself, many successful SEO resellers have no technical or marketing experience. Just a passion for the business.

The key to having a successful business in this industry is to understand the best SEO reselling approaches and put them into practice on a regular basis.

Best SEO Reselling Approaches

  • Find the best SEO reseller firm to work with. Since the SEO business is booming, there are a lot of firms out there that offer SEO services, but not all at SEO firms are created equally. The best SEO firms offer:
    • Continuing education on search engine optimization and marketing tips.
    • A community of active SEO resellers, where you get support and advice from people with the same goals.
    • Report generation to help you acquire clients, and to show them progress to keep them engaged.
    • Dedicated account managers, so that you know have a direct line to someone who knows your business and can help any time you need it; you aren’t subject to a voice on the other end of 1-800 number when you hit a road block.
  • Generate leads for yourself. A few great ways to make contacted local businesses who could benefit from your services include:
    • Do a Google search for the types of businesses that you want to work with. The businesses that land on pages two and beyond need your help getting themselves onto page one!
    • Get involved in your community. Join organizations for small businesses. You can find such groups on social media or through your Chamber of Commerce. Every new relationship you develop with a business owner as a potential client.
    • Identify businesses who are doing it wrong. Look through the news paper and phone book, people who are spending money to advertise in ways that reach 0% of consumers will probably be eager to try a more effective approach.
  • Go above and beyond. Don’t give up on potential clients who are skeptical of the services you offer. By no means should you channel a used car salesman with your pushiness, but keep in contact with potential clients who have turned down your services. Check in with them on a regular basis to keep your services fresh in their mind. Be sure to let them know when you come across an SEO strategy that could really improve their online presence.

    More importantly, when you do obtain a client, give them 110% of your energy. Send them text messages with great online marketing ideas for improving their business. Make sure they know that you really care about their success, and you will have loyal client to continue to pay for your services.

Do you have any other ideas to add to our list of the best SEO reselling approaches? Please share them with us in the comment section below!
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